What is 24/Savvy? 

We launched 24/Savvy during a time when the economy was tanking and everyone was scrambling for ways to keep their nose above the waterline. It seemed like a really good idea - to share ways to live a savvy life without giving up on the things we love. You want to know what’s cool? Years later, savvy living has become the norm.

Even the wealthiest people out there want to be smart about how they navigate their lives. What they spend. How they spend it. This meshes with the need to embrace sustainability. Not because of fear tactics, or because everyone is doing it. No, because it just makes sense. All of us get it - being wise with what we have, up-cycling, re-cycling, you name it, savvy matters. But one thing we have always believed in: savvy can be fabulous.

Our new format is coming at you from two perspectives – our younger contributor, Julia Roberts, and our founder, Valerie Donati. We know what it’s like to be starting out in life, figuring things out, looking for smart clues. And we certainly know that an older lady can learn a lot from the younger gen. We think it’s savvy to share, and that’s what we aim to do here. Inter-generational tips and tricks, learning from each other along the way!

We believe that no matter where you are on the spectrum, big bank account, start-up bank account, launching out in life or refining your lifestyle, we want to embrace the good life, but with purpose. Anyone that says differently isn’t being honest. We advocate savvy living - to the fullest - 24 hours a day! And we’ve got the ‘insider knowledge’ to help you do it!

In addition to articles that we hope will provide savvy insights, our site features ‘The Savvy Hour.' These quick tips provide smart ideas specific to that hour of the day, so you can get your Savvy on - 24 hours a day! PLUS, Trending Now, our savvy take on what's hot TODAY.

Julia Roberts

I have always been a thrifty person, primarily because I saw it as an outlet for creativity. I would see something in the store or a magazine, and if I thought it was possible to replicate it I would try. I love to sew, craft, and personalize, so the fact that something did not fit me or I could not afford that exact item was not a barrier, but a challenge. And, I LOVE food, so it was natural for me to expand my savvy ways to cooking and how I do my shopping. As I furthered my education and fed my wanderlust by traveling whenever possible, my values were reinforced by a growing awareness of environmental and social justice issues, as well as economics. Trying to be wise and creative with my resources has extended to every facet of my life, and I am so excited to share it here with you! 

Valerie Donati

I’ve been pretty savvy all my life, but it might not look the way one would expect. For instance, I might save on shampoo and splurge on conditioner. I might spend big on a holiday destination, but be careful on that summer wardrobe. As the older lady on the team I’ve learned a lot over the years, and I look forward to sharing it with you! When I was in elementary school we did have a class called Home Economics, after all... I’m a go-getter - I’ve been running my own business for years. I’ve lived ‘around’ from North Carolina to Miami to New York to London. And I have a history. I shopped at one of the first malls in the US when I was a kid, I can remember when the fax was invented and when I first went ‘online’ in 1996. Sometimes a good timeline helps bring perspective. I hope that is what I can do for you here! Here's to the good life, here’s to savvy!