Savvy 7 Things to Do/See/Know This Week (Jan. 5)

Wednesday, 05 January 2011 10:22 Written by  Savvy Girl


  1. Remember those gorgeous fall booties you drooled over all season?  They're all on sale. Right. Now. (FabSugar)
  2. Would we like to save $1,000 this year?  You betcha and here are 50 pain-free ways to make it happen. (Squawkfox)
  3. You may be familiar with those little silica gel packets that come in everything you buy, but you may not know the millions of unusual ways you can use them around the house. (DIY Life)
  4. You'll save mega-bucks on beauty creams and concealer just by getting enough sleep. And this guide gives you 30 ways to master the art of le snooze. (iVillage)
  5. Have you vowed to be more green this year?  Don't miss the new book and app "365 Ways to Live Green."  (Green Mom Review)
  6. Feeling stretched living on a single income?  Believe it or not, it IS possible, whether you've got kids or not.  (WalletPop)
  7. If you're like Mr. Savvy, jonesing for holiday eggnog already, try indulging in scrumptious, budget-friendly milk punch. (Smitten Kitchen)
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