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Savvy Travel: First Class Flying on a Coach Ticket

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Written by Carrie Crow Monday, 06 April 2015 13:49

So you didn't get the upgrade, join the club.  With airlines holding ever-more-dear the magic fairy dust that turns a cheap ticket into a luxe joyride, it seems that those of us who travel on a budget are forever destined to the cold, cramped confines of the steerage coach cabin.

Before you say "moooooo" and resign yourself to a flight from hell —particularly if it's going to be a long one—try some of our heavenly ideas for making yourself feel right at home, even if you are 40,000 miles above it.

Happy Hour Savvy in Naughty & Nice Versions

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Written by Savvy Girl Monday, 06 April 2015 13:49


Going out for Happy Hour is certainly savvy compared to regular priced drinks ringing in at anywhere between $10-14 a pop, but even savvier?  Happy Hour at Home (H3).  The only thing that prevents us from doing an H3 at Savvy Central is the thought of making obligatory, expensive, and time consuming snacks and boozy concoctions comprised of homemade simple syrups, mottled sugar/mint blends, and hand-crushed ice, etc. etc. etc.  So NOT Savvy.  Might as well imbibe at the Ritz and save ourselves a few bucks!

With the help of a dear Savvy Friend, we've concocted a Savvy Cocktail of the Week which costs less than $2 a drink, beating out any Happy Hour deal, any time.

Easy Entertaining: Savvy, 5-Minute Tapas

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Written by Carrie Crow Monday, 06 April 2015 13:49

Having friends over for a budget-friendly nibble doesn’t have to mean off-brand cheese puffs you scored at the local bodega, nor does it imply a full sit-down dinner for ten.  For light entertaining, easier gets the job done faster, happier, stress-free and for this, we have our dear friends in España to thank for the invention of...the tapa.

You don't need to sacrifice style or flavor with any of these savory, 5-minute tapas* you can whip up in...well...5 minutes.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your company, which is what you invited them over for in the first place, n'est-ce pas?

*Purists will note these are Americanized tapas, not true Spanish tapas, which you'll just have to hop on a flight to Spain to experience first-hand.

What To Do When You Don't Have a Rolling Pin

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Written by Savvy Girl Thursday, 08 January 2015 09:15


Mr. Savvy and I have embarked on a quest to make one Julia Child recipe a week.  Far less ambitious (read: we are lazy) than the dear one who made a recipe a day, alas, we've decided to make Sunday Slave Day.

Savvy 7 Tips For Surviving Holiday Travel

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Written by Carrie Crow Tuesday, 16 December 2014 08:48

Photo: Jasleen Kaur via Flickr

For all of you dear, sweet, mad, intrepid travelers who are flying out of town this holiday, good luck.  It's a wild world out there for holiday travelers with weather delays, extra baggage fees, oversold flights and tight quarters, so keep these "Savvy Seven" travel tips in mind and you'll have a smooth, safe and savvy ride, avoiding fees, delays and obstacles like the seasoned jet-setter you wish you were.

Latte (Savings) Factor: MIY Pumpkin Spice Latte

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Written by Savvy Girl Wednesday, 15 October 2014 11:48


Nothing like a piping hot Pumpkin Spice Latte from you-know-where but nothing will put a dent in your wallet bigger than those Pumpkin Spice Lattes from you-know-where.  Intrepid savvies around the web have figured out how to concoct their own PSLs giving us all that warm fuzzy feeling of enjoying the sweet life and saving big at the same time.  Here are a few of our favorite ways to bring PSL goodness right home...

Fall Burritos: Mushroom and Grilled Chicken to the Rescue!

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Written by Savvy Girl Wednesday, 03 September 2014 12:57

Comfort food comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, a homemade blueberry pie. Funny how they all tend to be a bit, shall we say, fattening. This savvy girl adores a good burrito, but it’s true she finds herself avoiding them because of the “weighty” contents: beans, cheese, guacamole and the like.

For this fall she is adding a comforting burrito to the menu that offers all those good feelings and none of the guilt.


We've mentioned before that we are mega-smoothie fans.  Not the 2,000 calorie store-bought guzzling variety, but the homemade yogurt/fruit/low-calorie breakfast variety.  Since we're heading into Prime Time Berry Season when all the fixin's for our fall smoothies are at their peak ripeness and lowest prices, it's got us whipping out freezer containers and whipping up a freezing frenzy, to ensure we'll have the best goods come fall.

To start you out, it's important to know there are four types of freezing fruit: sugar-freezing, syrup-freezing, puréeing and dry-freezing.  We're not big fans of adding unnecessary sugar to our diets, so we only focus on dry-freezing, which is about as simple as it gets.