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Summer food, ah, so tempting. Cookouts, ice creams, frosty beverages, mayonnaise-based side dishes, all call out to me, "Savvy Girl....Savvy Girl....you do love/want/need us, don't you? Just a little taste won't hurt anyone." However, I have made a pledge to buy a bathing suit this year that doesn't require shaping panels, lifting hardware, and/or is a lot less "miracle-y" than my suits of yesteryear.

Thus, I have discovered that we savvistas who have summer fitness or weight loss goals don't have to trade down on their enjoyment of delicious, warm-weather offerings. We just have to trade off—little things here and there, nice and slow and you'll never know the difference. Plus, with produce so fresh and plentiful this time of year, trade offs are no sacrifice at all.

Travel BYOs To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

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Written by Savvy Girl Monday, 09 May 2016 10:33


We've been doing a little traveling this week (you didn't even notice we were gone, did you?) and thought we had seen the last word in airline thrift when domestic flights stopped serving food right around the time they started charging for even one checked bag.  But 'lo and behold friends, it gets stingier: on our recent sojourn with Penny-Pinch Airlines** we shivered our way through a six-hour sub-zero flight, refusing to shell out the new $8 fee for a blanket and pillow. Now that, my friends, is thrift of the highest order.  Thus, we were left with no choice but to whip together a list of items to bring on the return flight to avoid getting pinched.

Guilt-Free Finger Food: My Kind of Fries!

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Written by Jenna Coker- Jones Tuesday, 16 February 2016 11:21

Always on the search for healthier snacks & getting my full servings of veggies I struck gold on my girl Michelle’s blog: http://une-deuxsenses.blogspot.com.  The whole blog is dedicated to “food, fashion & other lovelies.”  She has uncovered an incredibly delicious HEALTHY snackie or accompaniment to a main dish.  YES PEOPLE---- Zucchini Fries.  They are decadent.  They taste like you are seriously spoiling yourself but without any of the guilt.

You can find the recipe here.  I didn’t have a lot of time, but I wanted these babies and I wanted them IMMEDIATELY.  I cheated….ran out and bought a low-sodium fat free marinara from Trader Joe’s, instead of making the homemade version. (I will NEXT time, I promise).  I also subbed whole wheat panko crumbs for the regular version, cause that is what I had on hand.

So, DO IT. DO IT NOW. You will love every bite of this incredible treat.

Photo: Michelle Huynh, une-deux senses (used with permission)

Chilled Fruit Soups: Soup's On For Summer Meals

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Written by Savvy Girl Wednesday, 22 July 2015 08:28

We love soup for it's savvy triumvirate of fast/cheap/filling, but ech, with 90 degree weather heating things up here at Savvy Central, hot soup is the last thing we want to dish up for dinner. But chilled, fruit soups? Where do we sign up!?

Chilled fruit soups are ultra-refreshing and although seem like the perfect lunch/brunch bet, we don't see any reason why they can't happen at night. You could serve them accompanied by an omelette, fritatta, quiche, or even as a desert. We tend to gravitate toward fruit soups without a lot of sugar, and frankly, when made with sweet, ripe fruit in peak season, no one will notice they're practically sugar-free. Some of these recipes call for half and half or heavy cream, but you can substitute fat-free half and half, light cream or milk to save on calories and you’ll hardly notice the difference.

Best Chilled Fruit Soup Recipes:

Savvy Scoop: Save a few berries or cubes of melon for garnish and add a sprig of mint if you've got any on hand. Presentation is everything!

Just Peachy! My FAVE Healthy Summer Dessert

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Written by Jenna Coker- Jones Tuesday, 09 June 2015 14:54

With peaches kicking into prime season right now, I cannot get enough of this easy dessert!  It’s healthy… you are getting tons of amazing nutrients from the fruit, the calcium, protein & probiotics from the yogurt and you will feel like you are indulging.

Grilled Peach Deliciousness
Serving Size:  2 peach halves
2 serving recipe


  • 2 medium ripe peaches, cut in half (pit removed)
  • 1/4 cup fat-free PLAIN Greek yogurt
  • honey (to drizzle)
  • 2-4 walnuts or almonds, chopped
  • cinnamon (to taste)

Place peaches cut side down on grill until soft.  Anywhere between 2-4 minutes. (Have the temperature on low or just put in indirect heat)  **If you don’t have a grill, you could use a george forman OR just soften in pan on stovetop.
yogurt & cinnamon. Pour 1 tbsp yogurt over each peach half. Drizzle lightly with honey.  Sprinkle with nuts and EAT UP!

Photo: Mike McCune via Flickr

Individual Sun Teas: Perfect Summer Sippers

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Written by Savvy Girl Tuesday, 09 June 2015 14:53

Sun tea was a big summer beverage staple at Maison Savvy Girl when I was just a wee one.  It rocks because it's a) cheap, b) delicious, and c) easy—le soleil does all the work for you, so if you're labor-shy, this is the summer sipper for you!  You can either let Mother Nature brew you up a family-sized batch in a big glass container, or if you've got a stash of small clear glass mason jars, jelly jars or other glass bottles—such as those leftover Starbucks' Frappucinos or Snapples—you can make a set of small brews, perfectly portioned for tossing in your lunch tote or picnic basket.

Savvy Travel: First Class Flying on a Coach Ticket

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Written by Carrie Crow Monday, 06 April 2015 13:49

So you didn't get the upgrade, join the club.  With airlines holding ever-more-dear the magic fairy dust that turns a cheap ticket into a luxe joyride, it seems that those of us who travel on a budget are forever destined to the cold, cramped confines of the steerage coach cabin.

Before you say "moooooo" and resign yourself to a flight from hell —particularly if it's going to be a long one—try some of our heavenly ideas for making yourself feel right at home, even if you are 40,000 miles above it.

Happy Hour Savvy in Naughty & Nice Versions

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Written by Savvy Girl Monday, 06 April 2015 13:49


Going out for Happy Hour is certainly savvy compared to regular priced drinks ringing in at anywhere between $10-14 a pop, but even savvier?  Happy Hour at Home (H3).  The only thing that prevents us from doing an H3 at Savvy Central is the thought of making obligatory, expensive, and time consuming snacks and boozy concoctions comprised of homemade simple syrups, mottled sugar/mint blends, and hand-crushed ice, etc. etc. etc.  So NOT Savvy.  Might as well imbibe at the Ritz and save ourselves a few bucks!

With the help of a dear Savvy Friend, we've concocted a Savvy Cocktail of the Week which costs less than $2 a drink, beating out any Happy Hour deal, any time.


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