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3 Free Apps for Frugal Fashionistas!

Published in Fashion News
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 13:03

A full closet, but nothing to wear? Have no fear; free fashion apps are here!

Poshmark is an online clothing party where you can shop share and sell clothing and accessories. Upload photos for the threads you want to sell and others can contact you to sell or trade. The days of shopping in your friends closet just turned into a world-wide fiesta! Get started with your virtual "Naked Lady Party" at www.poshmark.com

Dad, Dad, what to get Dad? Is it me or are Dads impossible to shop for...so much more so than Moms.  What do Dads like?  What do Dads need?  Often times...the answer is simple: nothing.  Studies show we spend far more money on Mother's Day than Father's Day and Dad is more likely to say "meh" to the idea of gifts altogether.  Not that this lets you off the gift-giving hook entirely. Oh no.  With Dad, it’s just a different KIND of giving.

DIY Fashion: Sparkle Shoes

Published in Savvy TV Episodes
Friday, 07 September 2012 13:01

We here at Savvy Central have been caught-up in the whirlwind that is Fashion's Night Out in New York and once again, we have been inspired to find some cute little ideas for DIY Fashionistas (like yourself) to try at home. So, the second little project in our series is something SO cute and SO simple - you'll wonder why you didn't think of doing it already! Get ready to sparkle with DIY glitter shoes!!

Savvy Pins: DIY Cord Organization Ideas

Published in Home & Money News
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 15:54

What better way to discover new life-hacking ideas and inspiration for DIY projects than on Pinterest? Savvy Girls love to pin, and this week we pulled together our favorite tips for cord organization that are sure to make your home or office wired for success.

1. Binder clips can double-duty as cord-holders. Genius!
Via Pinterest user: Anita Grant. Source: New Nostalgia.

2. Toilet paper cardboard tubes work great for storing cords.
Via Pinterest user: Erika Organ. Source: LifeHacker.

3. You can use bread tags to label your cords.

Via Pinterest user: Heléna Eriksson. Source: Be Different Act Normal.

4. Want to store your cords in style? Check out this cute and functional DIY cord box.
Via Pinterest user: Lindy Rawle Baker. Source: I Heart Organizing.

5. And finally… who knew you can use rain gutters to hide the plugs from the electronic devices on your desk?
Via Pinterest user: Emlyn Stutz. Source: It's Written On The Wall .

Have you seen a home improvement idea on Pinterest that you think we should include in our “Savvy Pins” round-up next week? Let us know in the comments—and don’t forget to include the link to your savvy find!

Savvy Pins: DIY Summer Ideas

Published in Home & Money News
Thursday, 14 June 2012 08:26

Every week, Savvy Girls surf Pinterest for life-hacking tips and tricks, and today we'd like to share our Top 5 DIY Summer Ideas with you.

1. DIY Summer Camp: Here are some great tips on how to create your own family “learning adventures camp” that will keep your kids' "bodies and brains active and the house clean."

Via Pinterest user: Carina Santalucia. Source: The Power of Moms.

2. DIY Kid Wash: Help the kids to beat the heat with this fun summer sprinkler that you can build yourself in less than an hour. Total cost = $10.
Via Pinterest user: Carolyn McCauley. Source: Instructables.

3. DIY Paper Lanterns: Here are some savvy ideas on how to make your backyard look like a million bucks for close to nothing.

Via Pinterest user: Laura Hutchinson. Source: Talk Crafty To Me.

4. DIY Summer Scrub: Sea salt + raw sugar + coconut oil + sweet orange + essential oil = easy-to-make all-natural treat for your skin.

Via Pinterest user: Cathy W. Source: Deliciously Organized.

5. DIY Cook-It-Yoursef Stuffed Zucchini Boats: A healthy, low-calorie veggie snack, appetizer or a side dish.

Via Pinterest user: Stephanie Crichton. Source: Laaloosh.

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Saw an idea that you think should be featured in our “Savvy Pins” round-up next week? Let us know in the comments—and don’t forget to include the link to your savvy find!


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