Five Minute Makeup

Five Minute Makeup

We love the look of a deep red lip for an easy dose of glamour—once you get it right, you need little else in terms of makeup or accessorizing because it's such a striking statement.  If you're in doubt, check out red carpet photos for evidence—whenever a neophyte celeb wants to be sure of getting the lion's share of the spotlight, she sports a red lip.

The only prob?  Finding juuuuuuuuuuuuuust right shade of red lipstick is a wee bit tricky.  

To find the presto-magico-secret to finding the right red lip, we turned to celebrity makeup artist Ricky Wilson of the renown Cloutier agency to guide us through the process.  He assured us that "contrary to what some women might think there is a perfect shade of red out there for everyone." Phew.

Ricky's first tip is to take a survey of the undertones of several red lipsticks by swatching them on the back of your hand.  Red undertones fall into two handy categories that will be easy to see when you're looking at a few at the same time. 

Classic Iconic Movie Star Red: "The first main undertone is blue-based which is the classic iconic movie star red. This shade looks best on fair skin with rose to neutral undertones that normally fall into the blond or brunette category."

Brick Red: "The second main undertone is an orange red,  a.k.a. brick red. This color is wonderful on olive skin tones as well as medium and deeper skin tones that have a warm golden complexion. These reds also look amazing on red heads as well as brunettes with blue eyes."

Ricky's Advice: "The best way to judge is applying it to the lips - if it is too pink that means you should have a brick and if it is to orange try on a blue based red. Easy as pie."

After you've found your PERFECT RED LIP, here are Ricky's tips how to get The Look:

•   After foundation and concealer try not to add blush to the skin.

•   Use a non reflective bronzer to sculpt the cheekbones.

•   Eyes should be shaded with very neutral colors with a rich brown eyeliner and a few coats of black mascara. I prefer to have the lipstick applied without the use of gloss for staying power since red lips have to be perfect!

Savvy Scoop: Ricky's pick for the perfect red lip is a little splurgy for our thin wallet, but the one thing you never want to skimp on is a red lipstick, which will change hues when formulated cheaply.

SPLURGE: Dior Rouge Lipstick in Celebrity Red, $35 at

SAVVY: Revlon Super Lustrous in Certainly Red, $8.49 at

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