52 Best Money Saving Blogs and Websites

52 Best Money Saving Blogs and Websites

Whether the recession ends up being a single, double, or even triple dip (heaven help us), one thing we've learned over the last few dollar-stretching years is that it is NEVER too late get your savvy on, get smarter about how you spend your money and live a rich, creative, abundant life with whatever you've got to work with.

On the quest for fabulous frugality, we've met a lot of like-minded savvistas and felt it was high time we formally introduced them to you.  Whether you're tightening your financial belt for the short term or the long (long! long! long!), let these whip-smart, out-of-the-box-thinking writers, bloggers, savvistas and communities inspire and be your partners in living the savvy good life for less.  Everyone grab a buddy, because remember what mom always said: “Savvy in Numbers!”


  1. Squawkfox is a budget drill sergeant and will whip you into savvy shape faster than fast.  Now drop and give her 10 before you read The Real Reason You’re Broke
  2. And Then She Saved blogger Anna Newell Jones had mega-debt until she went on a spending “fast.”  Find out how you can do it here.  
  3. The Simple Dollar managed to get out of debt, save $600k (!) and lives his dream of making his living as an artist. Try this savvy no-brainer, Spending Less Than You Earn.   
  4. RetailMeNot. We don’t buy a thing without checking this super-useful site for coupons first. 
  5. Mint.com lets you link up all your accounts, giving you uber-helpful at-a-glance breakdowns of where your money flows and goes each month. Sign up here but don’t miss out on regular money-saving columns.
  6. Budgets Are Sexy is another “got out of debt and lived to tell the tale” dream blog.  Don’t miss How I Accomplished My Goal of Full-Time Blogging.
  7. Unconsumption helps clarify the whole consumer debt conundrum alongside fun and useful repurposing posts like “Wine O’Clock.”
  8. MoneySavingPro has a great phone data calculation tool that helps users to understand their cell phone data usage so they can pick the plan which suits them best. It's been featured on Forbes; find the tool here.

  9. Thrifty Fun is our fave mega-hub of everything related to saving money at home.  They’re a fab resource for homemade gifts, crafts and decorating, particularly around holidays, birthdays and special occasions. 
  10. Ikea Hackers is for those times you gotta go with the cheap, Scandinavian flow, but you really want to make a piece zing! Check out “What to do with your kid’s artwork”.  
  11. Not Just a Housewife turns clearance-rack sow’s ears into silk purses almost every day, with super ideas for savvy décor.  Check out this FAB mason jar wall planter (swoon!).   
  12. ElegantThrifter points us toward so many Martha-quality makeovers like this repurposed Hi-Fi-turned sideboard, you’ll be hitting your local thrift shops in search of throwaway gems you can prettify yourself.   
  13. FrugalBabe and Mr. FrugalBabe are happily self-employed (from home! with kids!) and make it all work with savvy strategies like mega-harvesting, preserving and canning their own goods.  
  14. Daily Danny designs and decorates with an eye on budget-friendly, upcycling home solutions.  Read: How to Find $500 Really Fast.  
  15. DIY Life is a soothing site to hit when you feel like tackling projects on your own.  They’re also savvy enough to tell you when it’s time to put down the power tools and call the pros.  Check out: 10 Home Projects You Should Never DIY
  16. Design*Sponge. While not overtly budget-minded, Design Sponge nevertheless inspires us to make our home a sanctuary of loveliness so we’re less tempted to throw money away willy-nilly on dining and entertaining out.  D*S’s Before & After projects like this geometric rug are pure inspirational manna from the heavens.
  17. CreditLoan.com: Discover all 79 creative, never-thought-of-it before opportunities to work from home.

  18. Field to Plate educates us about seasonal produce picks, meaning spending less money, enjoying more flavor. Bookmark What’s in Season in Your Region.
  19. Dinner Tool lets you plug in ingredients you’ve got on hand so you can whip up a meal in a flash without wasting a thing.  They’ve even got budget and healthy options for keeping it savvy and sweet.   
  20. Allrecipes is another supah-bad ingredient search site and pulls up so many community-generated recipes, you’ll never waste another half-pound of produce again.   
  21. Wise Bread has frugal everything, from food to travel to personal finance.  Don’t miss their Frugal Living columns like these 25 Quick, Cheap Lunch Ideas.  
  22. 99 Cent Chef makes really great food with really cheap ingredients.  Try Peas, Mint & Salmon Pasta.   
  23. Smitten Kitchen has made “dining in” sexy again making unique recipes from “everyday” ingredients. Check out author Deb’s drool-worthy photos and Roasted Tomato Soup With Broiled Cheddar.

  24. Kayak remains our number one pick for nabbing a savvy airfare deal.  We know there are others but this one always seems to turn up the price we click on.
  25. Airfarewatchdog is our go-to for booking flights when we’ve got a destination in mind and a little extra time before we pull out the credit card.  Just sign up for airfare alerts, keep your eyes peeled and buy when you see the price you like. 
  26. Travelzoo rounds up megadeals on hotels and travel packages all around the world.  Sign up for your favorite cities and keep an eye out for a “keeper.”
  27. IgoUgo is our fave info-sharing site for the best scoop on deals and destinations from your fellow travelers.  Just type in your city and check out what users have to say.  
  28. AirBnB is our fave site for scooping up accommodation deals all around the world.  Forget budget-busting hotels when you can stay in a comfy, stylish flat in Paris for $60/night or Berlin for $40/night.  (True story, email us if you want deets)

  29. Treehugger is a metropolis of green info and also has a super-sweet forum for all your queries and quandaries about living a more sustainable, budget-friendly life.  
  30. The Daily Green is a one-stop green-your-life shop with savvy money-saving ideas like these Easy Winterization Tips.   
  31. Green Upgrader constantly makes us think twice before throwing something away.  Try Repair[ing] Old Shoes to Save Resources and Cash .
  32. Grow and Make is the go-to site anytime we need green solutions such as these cheap, homemade, all-natural cleaners.   
  33. The Green Mom Review reminds us that child-rearing doesn’t have to become a giant financial and consumer-waste pileup.  Try these Green Tips for Back-to-School.

  34. The Swapoholics remind us that it’s never too late to get some swapping action going with your girlfriends--y'all will end up saving a ton revitalizing the stuff y'all have already got.  Find or list a swap here.  
  35. The Budget Fashionista will inspire you to adopt the motto: frugality doesn't have to equal frumpality (well, almost. ;-).  Required Reading: Recession Proof Your Closet.  
  36. Cheap Jap will restore your love of thrifting with her savvy sifting tips and brilliant finds.  Get inspired by her sartorial hit-the-jackpot post Damage-Free Digging.   
  37. PS I Made This is a wonderland of DIY fashion and home projects often made from nothing more than everyday household objects.  Try this Hepburn-worthy chunky pearl necklace.  
  38. Cheap Chicas whips up super savvy style with budget-friendly buys that won't put the slightest pressure on your wallet.  Don't miss 30 Looks for under $150.  
  39. EcoSalon puts sustainable fashion and beauty ideas right in the palm of your green hand.  Try 5 Fashion Trends to Thrift Right Now.

  40. Makeup Alley is an uber-smart beauty product review/board/swap webopolus that helps you try or find out which products are worth the dough before you blow your wad.  
  41. Jezebel.  Our favorite repository of topical sass has recently started turning out a pretty fine column, “Worth It” spotlighting beauty products the writers swear by (but don’t get for free, because they are SERIOUS journalists, not beauty bloggers, dur)   
  42. Makeup and Beauty Blog not only has smartly-written reviews galore, they’ve also got a sweet, regular “bargains’ column we love to hit when we’re looking for a cheap thrill.  
  43. NouveauCheap not only treats you to fab affordable beauty finds, they also lasso up sweet super-coups* as well. (* = coupons, dur.)  
  44. My Home Remedies is surely not the site to go to if you’re having an emergency, but for minor cuts, scrapes and colds, we’ve found many a cheap, helpful home remedy on their friendly and useful boards.   
  45. Weight Watchers appears to be the only program that teaches sustainable life-long weight loss and maintenance. We regularly cruise their Fitness and Food columns for budget-friendly, liveable solutions.   
  46. Greatist gives you zippy, peppy, actionable ideas for boosting your activity, fitness and health goals.  Don’t miss The Greatist Challenge Series: Fitness on a Budget.

  47. Simple Mom hacks the home scene with smart tips, worksheets and eye-mazing projects like What to do with Bad Paintings.   
  48. Freebies4Mom has about a bazillion freebies every day.  Get on their RSS feed or follow them on Twitter, STAT! 
  49. Social Moms is a warm friendly blankie of useful, money-saving info.  Snuggle up to What to do With Leftover Baby Cereal for starters.   
  50. Money Saving Mom doesn’t go bananas with crafts you can’t use, just dishes up super deals and ideas for living simply and affordably.  Check out 3 Ways You Can Save Money Without Changing Your Spending.  
  51. Savvy Sassy Moms deals out fun, fab mom solutions like a budget-super-star. Try her Tips on Throwing a Green Birthday Party.  
  52. Charity Navigator is the first, last and only site we hit before we want to do that savvy donation thing.  Find out how savvy (or not!) your fave charity is before you dig deep.
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