Dazzling Ideas for a Trendy Teenage Girl Bedroom

Dazzling Ideas for a Trendy Teenage Girl Bedroom

Are you a teenager? Do you have a teenager? Do you know a teenager?

Well, even if non of the above apply to you, everyone needs a bit of decoration inspiration once in a while! We have a fabulous guest post today, sharing some wonderful ideas for how to add some savvy into your teen's bedroom. (Although we may be applying some concepts to our own!)

Teens are often fickle. Their taste of things often varies from one personality to another. Most of the time their choices reflect their personal flairs. Teens and tweens will appreciate a space that will be a replica of their wants and needs. Designing teenage girls bedroom requires you to think of bold colors, unique patterns, and vast imagination. Make an open space for changes as we welcome your teen's transition towards a more independent world. Discover this wonderful teenage girls' bedroom that you and your teens will surely love.

1. Contemporary teenage room

Make a go signal for horizontal bold hues stripes. In searching for a simple yet engaging arrangement pulling off beautiful stripes on the wall will surely bring out an elegant accent wall. This will be perfect for teenagers search of a well-balanced peaceful yet exciting room feel.


2. Eclectic teenage room

Admit it, most teenagers are eclectic. Their likes vary from these things to another that usually reflects a various aspect of their personality. These days eclectic spaces are mixtures of contemporary and traditional style. Teens will greatly like to have a closely sleek space.

3.  Vintage Eclectic Spaces

These days where most teenagers are often wanting to go with what's the craze. Today's trend is also about going back to the vintage days. The elegance of a modern room spiced up with vintage pieces. You will never go wrong with a retro feel room.

4.  Personalize with bold and fun wall color



Sheer off the hot outside and bring the cool inside. The idea that they can choose whatever style that is appropriate for them excites every teenager. Let them be creative and personalise something in the room, whether it's a wall decal or wallpaper that will fit their personality.

5. Mix functioned room

A flexible room is what every teenager needs. A room furniture that has multiple functions will be greatly appreciated. It will be a great idea to place the bed horizontally against the wall and it can be used as a couch whenever studying or having an afternoon with friends.

6. Indulge with pink and yellow

Whether a teenager is a girly-girl this color combination of a room will surely fit her. Spending alone time writing poetry or composing a song in a pink and yellow room is refreshing and calming. Feminine touches such as some cheerful prints accent pillows will reflect her sweet and gentle personality.

7. Chic themed bedroom

Teenage is the stage where someone starts to blossom and starting to act like a little miss. Put glam on her working area with an aid of chic wall decors. Choose neutral colour palettes on the wall and keep it all decors simple but looking expensive while definitely make a room chic.

When designing a teen room, special attention for the small details is important. There are many things to consider that may vary as they grow up. A room that will cater all of the teen things is favorable. If your teen is little grown up, it is important to have an intimate conversation with them and discuss what they want.

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