Having Trouble Getting Some Shut-eye?

Having Trouble Getting Some Shut-eye?

Everyone knows sleep is critical to health. For one thing a good night sleep will improve your learning capacity. If you haven’t had a good night sleep it is difficult to make good decisions, and most of us have to make multiple decisions everyday. And here’s another one, good sleep can help a person cope with change, making an individual a lot less prone to emotional outbursts.

There are lots of things that contribute to a bad night’s sleep – poor health, stress, living environment. If sleep is SO important, and it is, we thought we would share a few ways we insure that we have a good night sleep…

Drink Less
Too much alcohol, wine especially because of its sugar content, can impede a good night sleep. You may crash after a few drinks, but chances are your sleep will be shallow and you will wake in the middle of the night.

Be sure to drink lots of water to counter-balance the wine – though this will most likely contribute to a late night trip to the bathroom.

Natural Sleep Aid
If you’re super stressed and finding it hard to get to sleep, Valerian root is a good natural supplement that can help aid in sleep. We love its powers to induce a relaxing slumber, but we have found that taking too much might upset the stomach, so be sure to follow directions on any package you purchase.

Our Fav: Sundown Melatonin, $3.88

Lavender has the most incredible way of relaxing the mind and body. Buy a bit of lavender oil and a burner and light some up before bed. Let the soothing scent invade your bedroom and your senses, helping ease you into the lovely land of sleep. Be sure to extinguish before sleep.

Our Fav: Classic Oil Warmer and Lavender Oil, $17.00 

Of course noise is a no no, but there are wonderful “noise” cancelling machines, white noise they call it, that can mask ambient sounds and help the mind chill. There is nothing like the sound of neighbors, street noise or even loud birds to keep you awake.

Our Fav: Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System

Eye Mask
Light has a way of getting in the way of a good night sleep. We love a soft eye mask, preferably made of an organic cloth and filled with lavender scented beads. Even if your room seems super dark, you might be surprised how just a little bit of light seeping in can wake the brain.

Our Fav: Dream Essentials Natura Organic Sleep Mask, $20

A Fab Bed
You really should never scrimp on your mattress, it’s just not worth it – you spend about a third or more of your life in bed. Investing in a good bed turns out to cost pennies when you consider the amount of time you use it and the years you can keep it. Be sure to turn it over regularly to help air it out and keep the shape.

Our Fav: Sealy Posturepedic Classic Queen Mattress, $599

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