5 Money-Saving Habits for Bookworms

5 Money-Saving Habits for Bookworms

Reading as a hobby is super savvy, but it can get expensive quickly! If you are patient, there are tons of ways to get the titles you want to read free or on a discount. Feed your passion, savvy girl!

1. Sign up for a Library Card:

This sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have one. It takes just a few minutes and results in so many benefits. Not only can your browse and borrow content (Books! Movies! Music!) at any library within your system, but most places allow you to place holds and request titles to be sent to you at your home library. Though you may have to wait your turn in line for those hot-off-the-press titles, you’ll eventually be able to pick them up at your favorite location.

Extra Savvy: Check to see if you have a State Library available to you. Most states have State Library systems in large cities that residents from all over the state can sign up for, so take a road trip! Your tax dollars are funding them, so put them to good use.

2. Buy your books used:

Check out your local consignment and secondhand shops for book bins, and check your local library’s event calendar on a regular basis to keep an eye out for local used book sales. Most of the time, these titles have only been read once, and people are cleaning out their shelves – you’ll score a deal, likely for almost the same quality you’d find at a new bookstore!

3. Download Overdrive:

That library card you just signed up for? That gets you access to your library system’s arsenal of e-books and audiobooks. Download Overdrive on your phone or tablet, give it your library card credentials, and voila! From the app, you can download titles for 2 or 3 weeks at a time and put your name on the waiting list for popular titles (it will alert you via email when it’s your turn!) Never having to pay for the audiobooks to make your commute home enjoyable? Yes, please!

4. Invest in an E-Reader:

These easy-to-carry devices are a dream come true. In the long run, they’ll save you at least a third of the cost of those new titles you just couldn’t wait for from the library, and most allow you to download library e-books from Overdrive. There are versions I like from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and both are fairly comparable price-wise. Still nervous about spending that much on a device? Watch for sales, particularly around the holidays, or just download the Kindle or Nook app for your phone or tablet.

5. Sign up for Book Sale alerts:

Once you’re plugged in with either an e-reader or an app, you can get alerts letting you know that your must-read titles or authors are on sale. My favorites:

Goodreads: The Goodreads app is fantastic for many ways, but one of my favorite features is that you can have them send alerts to your email when titles in your “to read” category go on sale from the major e-book retailers (like Amazon and Barnes & Noble). I love this because it’s letting you know about the specific titles you’re looking for, and I’ve saved over $10 on titles this way before!

BookBub: BookBub is an email service that alerts you to e-book deals, similarly to the Goodreads feature. Though this one doesn’t search for specific titles, you can give it certain authors, genres, or themes you’d like to stay informed on in either weekly or daily emails. It’ll even send free books your way!

Amazon: You can set your email preferences in your Amazon account to alert you when top-selling books in particular genres or books most like the ones you’ve already purchased go on sale, and there’s constantly e-book sales happening in general. Watch for price reductions or sales on the books on your reading list!

Read to your hearts’ content, savvy bookworms!


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