Four Simple Ways To Get On The Road To Nail Health Today

Four Simple Ways To Get On The Road To Nail Health Today

When we think of personal care, proper nail care is a part of that equation that is often forgotten. The average woman will visit a nail salon hundreds of times over the course of their lives, spending an average of $1,345 each year. For some, they will spend hours every year giving themselves the perfect manicure at home. There is no question that taking good care of their nails is an important aspect of maintenance to women across America and worldwide. This is evidenced by the fact that the nail industry in the United States has grown rapidly, raking in over $8.67 billion in revenue for 2017. Compared to a decade ago, that is a 38% increase.

 Often when women think of improving their nails, their thoughts automatically go to salons and manicures. However, our nail health goes much deeper than just aesthetic procedures involving nail polish and adornments. Like our hair, treating your nails properly begins with great care habits. With a few simple steps, you can be looking at healthy nail and cuticles in a few days.

Treat your tools right

This is an often overlooked but very important step in ensuring optimal nail health. Taking the time to periodically sterilize and clean your tools helps to reduce bacteria and avoid infection. The process could not be simpler. Just remove any debris that may have been left behind using a brush or cloth and then wash tools in soap and water. As a final step, disinfect using a cotton pad or swab and some rubbing alcohol.

It is also a good idea to replace those temporary tools such as emery boards rather than reusing them. Tools such as these are a definite no- no for sharing. Due to the material emery boards are made of, they cannot be sanitized as your other tools such as clippers. Don’t forget to store your freshly cleaned tools properly or all of your work cleaning them would be irrelevant.

Remember your aftercare

A lot of people are drawn to the aesthetics of gel and acrylic treatments for their nails. These treatments can certainly have its benefits for those struggling with damaged nails. There has been much said about the effect acrylics and gel manicures can have on your nails and cuticles.  For those that have suffered nail damage from gel manicures, acrylics can be a great way to camouflage this and still have healthy looking nails.

While the formula in acrylics can be drying to your nails and the UV light in gel manicures can damage cuticles, the key is minimizing any damage from acrylics lie in great aftercare and the application technique.

One of those aftercare tips is the use of cuticle oil twice a day when wearing acrylics. Nail treatments such as nourishing oils are great for maintaining moisture and giving your nails a bit of TLC in between nail applications. The quality of your nail supplies is also key to maintaining beautiful nails so take the time to research the various acrylic nail kits available today.  If you opt for a gel manicure, choose a salon that offers a LED curing light instead of a UV light, if possible. LED lights cure much more quickly which cuts your exposure time.

Remember your diet

Your diet is one of the simplest ways to aid in great nail health. What we consume has a direct impact on all parts of our body including your fingernails. Fingernails consist of layers of keratin which is made from protein. Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet including lean poultry, oily fish, and green leafy vegetables will help in generating nail growth and improving your nail strength.

An important part of your diet is staying hydrated so aim for your 2.7-3 liters of water each day. Some of us may struggle with brittle problematic nails due to our genes. If you are still worried about your nail health, supplements including biotin and vitamin E has been shown to give you that extra boost in strengthening your nails.

Moisturize your nails

Moisturize your nails as you would your face and body each day. Ingredients in nail polishes and removers can strip your nails drastically of any moisture and lead to brittle nail syndrome. An at-home hot oil nail soak using almond or grapeseed oil once weekly for 10-15 minutes can help in replacing moisture lost every day. After treatments, don’t forget the cuticle oil and to apply hand cream after washing.

Often we spend hundreds of dollars on pursuing perfect health and beauty maintenance but easily forget the importance of our nail health. The importance of having healthy and well-groomed nails should not be understated Just like our hair and appearance, our nails are a representation of ourselves and require the same level of care. With these simple tips, you can start taking great care of your nails today.

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