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Hey out there, we’re into having other voices join ours and share the love. We are looking for like-minded contributors, people who have great, savvy ideas that will help their fellow humans along this journey. But here’s the thing, we’re looking for people that not only have savvy ideals and ideas, we want contributors that know how to bring those ideas to life! Here’s what we love in our contributors:

  • You’re savvy. You really live it. Savvy comes in all shapes and sizes, but authenticity matters to us. So make sure it comes across in your submission.
  • You’ve got punch. Got an opinion, got an idea? Share it with zest. Your ‘voice’ should match our own: fun, smart, stylish, clever, creative, trendy, confident, inclusive - you get it!
  • Short and sweet. Our posts are about 250 words long, and that’s basically it. You don’t have to wax poetic to share your savvy ideas, keep them simple!
  • Your ideas are original. Cut and paste will not do. We want serious savvy know-how. Our readers will know the difference.
  • We look at savvy through 7 top lenses and you should too: home, beauty, fashion, money, travel, food, entertainment

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